Chi’s Sweet Home: Volume 1

Author: Kanata Konami
Summary: Chi is a mischievous newborn American shorthair who, while on a leisurely stroll with her family, found herself lost and alone. When we found Chi it was clear to us she was completely distraught as she longed for the warmth and protection of her mother. Feeling sympathy for the little furball, we quietly whisked her away inviting her into our small apartment home…where pets ate strictly not permitted. While we dread parting with her, there is not way she can stay.
Little Chi is a happy and healthy litter-box trained kitten. And while she can be a little bit of a handful, she has been a great source of joy in our lives and a wonderful companion to our young son. Living with Chi has completely changed our lives, and we are sure she will have the same impact with whomever gives her a good home.
My Review: I absolutely loved, simply adored this series! But I’m a cat lover, so what can I say? With four cats, one can definitely relate to the comical experience of the Yamada’s as they take in this feisty little kitten. Konami perfectly captured the personalities of the feline species in this sweet manga series, and it’s such a fun and amusing read, sure to bring a few chuckles.
Art: The artwork and style are simple, but perfect for this story and it’s intended audience. The cute characters and their expressions and interactions are easy and fun to follow along with. With colored panels, it’s all the more entertaining to see the manga world in bright detail.
Characters: The characters are fun, always bright smiles, or exaggerated expressions that just make you want to keep reading. Chi’s character is extremely fun to watch as all her emotions are displayed vividly upon her face, from surprise, shock, anger, fear, or pure bliss.
Plot: This simple, but fun volume consists of twenty mini chapters. We follow along as Chi looses her way from her mother cat and the litter of kittens and stumbles into the lives of the Yamada’s, who consists of mom, dad, and their son, Yohei. We get to watch as they try and get Chi comfortable in her new home, what with naming her, keeping her indoors, litter box training, feeding, and the ominous vet visit. And keeping her hidden from the Super, since they aren’t supposed to have pets in their apartment!
Disclaimers: This is a children’s manga, so it’s clean and perfectly acceptable for all ages.
Favorite Character: Chi… KITTY!!!!!
Favorite Quote: N/A
Recommended: All ages
Over-all Rating: ★★★★★
~ Darkitty
***Next ~ Chi’s Sweet Home: Volume 2***


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