Blog Under Construction (and Some Rambling Nonsense)

I really would like to get back into blogging, since writing is something that relaxes and distracts me from the busyness of life. I guess I had some time this summer after my summer courses ended, but I put it off. And then there was the looming panic of transferring this fall, so I guess you could say I did not have much of a summer break. Now I do not have much time, either, especially since I have not done much reading this year at all… I think it is like only 13 novels. Oh, the horror. But again, I do not want to let my lovely little blog die, and hope sometime soon to get back into blogging. I guess my problem is sometimes I just do not have time to come up with a nice review, so I think the best thing to do is to stockpile some reviews so that I can continue to post them on a weekly basis. I might even start off with some manga ones, since they are always fun, and, well, I would not say easier, but shorter, I guess. 

After spending three years at my community college, I transferred to our local liberal arts college. So, I am in my junior year, trying to get used to the differences…there is not that much different, actually. I guess half of me expected it would be. But the other… Well, one of my community college professors even told me that at private colleges, which is what I am attending, and universities, their 3000 level courses, stuff they go over, we have all ready done in our 1000 level courses. And it is true. While, the work load might be a bit more intense, it is the same stuff, like, multiplied by cruel and unusual punishment. I decided to start off slow, by the suggestion of my parents, and this is probably a good thing since I still hold a part time job at my local library and I am a commuter. So I am holding down 3 4 credit courses and 1 2 credit course. Looking over my options for next semester, though, I think I might have about 6 4 credit courses, I want to continue to pursue my writing interest along with my all ready decided major and minor.

I guess now is the time to say that I am a Art (studio) Major, with a specialization in Graphic Design, Art History Minor, and possibly a Writing Minor as well.

I guess it is all right to use this blog as a mental venting avenue, even if I am using it to procrastinate. Technically, I wanted to have some time off this weekend, but I always burn out on Fridays from lack of sleep, due to early classes and one night class and evening shifts. I didn’t have to work this Saturday, but I had to babysit…and today, today I just wanna breathe some…technically, all the hw remaining is that kind that is required at some point but does not have a specific due date and if I really want to stay on top of things, I should do something. But meh.

Anyway, the only point to this post was supposed to be that this blog will be under construction for a time. I hope to get in some posts in October, book review wise, but I might also use this blog like normal bloggers do, and vent about things that I would not mind someone sneaking at peek at in my real journal, not that I have been writing in that, either. I guess I was inspired to work on this since I know a few others have started, or restarted, their own blogs. I enjoy writing, but I have not done much of it recently beyond rpging.

I guess I just feel like I have not been doing much outside of work and school, something that has been bugging me since we did a resume critique in one of my classes. Some of us just do not have time to be involved in organizations, or clubs, or do not have an interest in sports! It just infuriates me when just because my interests are a bit less socially engaging, does not mean that they are not a creative and relaxing use of my time. I think I would feel a bit better if I got my new bike, or took up Italian again, or started with the keyboard, so I can feel like I do things…even though I all ready do now. Is it because I have turned 21 and feel like I have not accomplished much? I like to hide away, reading or writing or sketching, but is there anything wrong with that, really? Sometimes I wish we could all go back to grade school, when everything was simpler….

And I like things super organized, but at the same time, my room is a cluttered mess again, my notes and to be done lists are scattered, my clothes are all over the place, my computer files are in disarray, I have so much library material out that I probably will not get to in a long time, and even this post feels all over the place and messy and I want to be random but when I am, I want it to be organized somehow. I am too OCD for my own good…it is like that saying. I am OCD, but only when I am not ADHD, or something…

This feel like a good place to wind it all down. Basically, I just want to keep up with my blogging, and it may or may not become half book reviews and half rambling dialogue…or monologue, depending on my mood. I am busy with school and work, but would like to find time to relax. And really, I am doing quite enough at the moment, so I should stop beating myself up for all the things I have not gotten to, or do not have an interest in, because it goes against my personality. I also seem to have taken into account some of the writing rules we have gone over in one of my classes, so everything feels a bit wordy….but awesome.

Thanks for dealing with my ranting, if you read all the way through that.



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