Currently Reading

Basically, I just wanted to do a post about what I am reading currently. I recently set a lot aside, returned some books and such. But these five are what I want to finish up before I start anything else… Hopefully, by the end of October these will all be on the Read shelf.

Okay, I don’t even remember when I started Behemoth. I kind of lost interest when my dad and brothers passed me and finished the series. And they talk, and I hate people talking about books I’m reading or planning to read, even if it’s not something important plot wise. I just don’t want to hear it! Any of it! So just…don’t.

Anyway, I stopped in the middle of Chapter Twenty One, so I might need to at least start that over to jog my memory. I wish I could find more steampunk books, I like the genre, but it’s slim pickings…

I started The Iron King a looooong time ago, and I thought that maybe my reading slump had ended. I really was enjoying it, but again, life got in the way. I had planned to finish it before we went on vacation this summer but that didn’t work out, either. Sometimes I can read super fast, and other times it’s months before I finish a book. Sometimes years. I depress myself sometimes.

So anyway…I stopped in Chapter Sixteen, I believe. I actually got pretty far when we were at the beach, but I just didn’t manage to finish and the end of August was a bit hectic for me. But now that I see how close I was to finishing, I do plan to do so soon…

I also started this before vacation, and it was another one of those books where I thought my reading slump had ended. I like it because it’s an easy read, and while, like The Iron King, there are a few things that bug me about plot, characters, or the author’s writing, I really think I could come to love the series. So I don’t plan on setting it aside for good just yet. I just need to give it time.

It’s actually a rather small book, so I’m on Chapter 18, and practically done…

Just started. Oh my god…

Picked this up a while ago, actually, found it during my shift and read some of the first chapter during my break. Got home with it before I remembered I all ready owned a copy. And then I just kind of forgot about reading it, and was planning on seeing the movie (blasphemy, I know). But then I was reminded about it being Banned Books Week (not anymore, though), so I decided to pick it back up since it is rather small…



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