Currently Reading: Manga Edition

So last week, I decided to list all my currently reading novels in the hopes that it might spur me on to finish up quickly. I do not have much time, but we shall see. I also have a lovely pile of manga at the moment. I did recently give up on a few series, for now, but this what I still have at the moment and want to try and get through this month sometime…should not be too difficult, actually. I cannot wait for my fall break this weekend! 😀

I was going to attempt to do these in some order but I’ve started a few and haven’t gotten very far in most and I can’t remember which one I’ve been stuck on the longest. I will start with Black Butler: volume 14. I’ve read them all online, but have been rereading through them as they come out in book format. And purchasing them. The same goes for the Pandora Hearts series. While I am a bit behind in the online updates, I’ve been planning to read this one for awhile. It’s not really at my favorite part of the story line, zombies on the cruise ship arch for those that follow. But I do love the revelation at this point in the story, with the Undertaker, who makes his appearance on the lovely cover of this volume. ;P So yeah. I’ll probably finish this one up first…

I am a bit behind in Pandora Hearts… I actually have volumes 15, 16, & 17 to read through. I can’t remember if I started this one or not so I may just start over. Plot wise, it’s kind of at one of those confusing points. I find this series interesting, and it’s been very helpful rereading through it, but….there are some slow points or parts where you feel like the author kind of just made something up, changing their mind about the direction of the story…and yet at the same time you feel like they’ve been planning it all along, and have just been messing with your mind the whole dang time. Which I love, I really do…

And then there’s The Earl and the Fairy: volume 3. I haven’t started this yet, but it’s been on my shelf for months. One of my bestie’s introduced me to the anime series, which I also have not finished, this past summer. There’s only four volumes total, I believe. I just have to finish… For the most part, it’s been somewhat similar to the anime, but again…it’s been awhile. I don’t really want to reread the first two volumes or restart the anime, but I might have to. It is interesting and the art is pretty, but it can also have its slow points. But battle manga has ever really been my best friend, so I think I just need to give these more girl ish mangas a chance…

Again, same friend introduced me to the anime, which I absolutely adored. Like, watched it within a few days adored. Ouran High School Host Club manga series is a bit slower, and the art style is old…but it’s not that reeeeally old one that I despise. I don’t know how else to describe it without hating on another series, so I won’t. So anyway. I do like this, it’s just taking a while since it’s older. I might have started this volume, I can’t remember, so I might just start this one over…

Then we have Azu Manga Daoih! volume 2. It’s cute, and short, the storyline is broken up into these little stories. I think I liked her Yotsuba series more, but I’m still sticking with this. I have the Omnibus volume now, so it’s a bit more intimidating having all the volumes in one big book. I also tried the anime, but it’s a bit slower than I like.

Are You Alice? volume 1 I read online a few years ago. I really didn’t get it. I think the translation was not done very well, so I wanted to give it another try and read it in book format. Of course, it’s just been sitting there for a very long time since I’m not that excited about it. Alice is a guy. I think the Queen’s a guy, too, which wasn’t really explained, but hinted at. I don’t really know… I enjoy Alice in Wonderland retellings, as is obvious by this and those below, but…some feel a bit dry. I haven’t made up my mind with this one yet…

Alice in the Country of Clover: The Cheshire Cat Waltz, volume 5, I’ve had for a bit. I think, with the last one, I’ve just grown a bit hesitant. This series has gone off in so many directions, making the main character have different lives and different love interests. The art is pretty, but sometimes the plot feels lacking… Also, this is an adult manga, and it did get a bit more risqué in the last volume.

Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liar’s Game, volume 2 I stopped somewhere in the middle, tried to find my place, tried to restart, and kind of gave up… Again, this series just keeps going on and on and I don’t really understand where it’s going anymore. I might try and restart it later on…

Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit, volume 1, I have yet to start, but I’ve looked through it, as I have looked through all of them. I believe it is a different artist, though, so it’s going to be another take on this tale, and maybe I’ll like it better since it will be somewhat fresh, who knows…


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