Showcase Sunday III

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme run by Books, Biscuits, and Tea. Its purpose is to give bloggers a chance to show off any book related news from the previous week, such as books you’ve gotten.

So I got a few more books, for school and for Halloween. I really need to get less, though, since I hardly have anytime at all to read anything recently. I hoard books, all the time, thinking I’ll have more time than I do. 😛

The Metamorphoses of Ovid

I picked up Ovid’s Metamorphoses because I am writing a sculpture comparison for one of my art history classes and one of the sculptures’ myth, the one of Apollo and Daphne, is featured in this book. I might not read the whole thing, since it’s quite a mouth full and is as heavy as your basic dictionary…but it is very interesting…

The Metamorphoses (or The Golden Ass) by Apuleius

I got to explore my college library for this one, and I’m a bit annoyed I couldn’t find the cover online (it’s red with golden lettering) or at least a good picture of it. So this is not the correct edition, but oh well… It’s actually in two volumes, and I also picked up several other translations and explanations regarding Apuleius’ Metamorphoses. My other sculpture’s myth, of Cupid and Psyche, is featured in this book. I probably won’t read it all, either…

A Monster Calls

And then I picked up one last book for Halloween, saw it on display at one of my libraries in the YA section and decided to just snatch it up. I’ve got a lot of thin, creepy books this years since I really don’t have time for any of the thick ones. Really, I like tiny books. 🙂 Plus there’s pictures! So yeah, I hope to finish at least one or two of my Halloween picks before the month is through….


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