Top Ten Tuesday III

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by 

October 29: Top Ten Scariest Looking Book Covers (thanks to Abbi!) or if you haven’t done Top Ten Best Books To Read For Halloween when we’ve done each year you can jump on that!

These are more dark, subtly creepy rather than really really scary. And then there’s bloody, but I’m not going to even go there. I’m going to consider these hauntingly beautiful or just plain…creepy. I couldn’t make a list of top ten to read for Halloween since I haven’t ever read that many…still, I could make a list of my top ten to-be-read for Halloween…I might do that closer to Thursday…



18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday III

  1. AH I can't handle the Peregrine's one! It's been on everyone's lists and that creepy kid is going to murder me I swear! Some of these covers are really beautiful though!


  2. I know, first time I saw, I totally freaked out. xD Of course, that's just the audiobook edition, but still…. I'm hoping to actually read that soon. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Lol that, for me, seems to be one of the least creepiest. Maybe it's just because I've read it, I don't really know… Thanks, I cover art, and thanks for stopping by!


  4. I haven't read Anna yet, and I didn't finish The Replacement, but yes, definitely very creaky. What gets me is the scissors. *shudders* Will check yours out, thanks for commenting!


  5. Definitely. I wanted to read Dolly, but all I can see now is that cover even though mine's different. Creepy…. Thanks for stopping by, I'll make sure to check out your list!


  6. Lol that they do! Considering I had a hard time find some, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out….and now am afraid to pick up some of these books! xD I will check out your list, thanks for commenting!


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