Currently Reading II

Life’s been hectic lately and I’m feeling really swamped with hw. I am literally drowning beneath all the stress and pressure. So I’m going to keep this relatively short. I didn’t have time to do my Flashback Friday post yesterday for personal reasons. I will not being doing a Showcase Sunday post tomorrow, either, since I have not picked up anything new for the week, nor will I be doing a Currently Reading: Manga Edition for this month since nothing has changed since last time…shocking, I know. I can’t remember what the next Top Ten Tuesday prompt is, but hopefully I will be able to get to that. I had also meant to make another list of TBR in time for Halloween, but that just didn’t happen, either… My novel currently reading pile has fluctuated throughout this month, with much getting set aside…though nothing has been completed, unfortunately.

I’m currently focusing on finishing Coraline. I’m almost halfway through, and I do enjoy this little juvenile fiction novel, which is light and subtly creepy. I meant to have it finished in time for Halloween, along with several others, but that just didn’t work out…

Though I am not reading anything else, I wanted to eventually pick back up The Dream Thieves, as well as start Dolly and A Monster Calls. That’s all as of right now…


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