Showcase Sunday IV


Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme run by Books, Biscuits, and Tea. Its purpose is to give bloggers a chance to show off any book related news from the previous week, such as books you’ve gotten.

Oh wow, I actually got some books yesterday! Not that I have time for any more at the moment… Still, I might be able to get some reading done. I’m mostly caught up in hw, and I don’t have much work this week and there’s one day I’m off from classes. And I need a good distraction. One of our family’s cats, Buddy, passed away yesterday morning and I’ve felt completely out of it since. 😦

So I don’t normally pick up the graphic novel editions to my favorite novels, but this one did look interesting and I though I’d try it out, just to see…so we will see…

I was going to hold off on this until my winter break, but I thought I might as well try it. It was a tie between either this or Scarlet, but seeing as how this is a bit shorter, it won. I don’t know exactly well I’ll get around to reading it, but…you never know.



10 thoughts on “Showcase Sunday IV

  1. I generally lean more towards manga rather than graphic novels, though I know some people don't like either… But this one looked particularly interesting to me. Sure thing! Thanks for the follow! 😀


  2. Started reading it and realized how much I had forgotten of the story. It's a fun read, though! And I've been meaning to start Everbound ever since it came out, looking forward to it. 🙂


  3. So sorry to hear that about your cat 😦 Mine got seriously ill last week (and I'm more than a thousand miles away because she's staying with my parents) and I couldn't really focus on reading until she was back from the clinic either.

    I really enjoyed Miss Peregrine – I wonder what this version is like!


  4. Thank you 😦 Yeah, it's been tough this past week, though it does help having other pets. It's sad watching them, though, because they know something's happened. One of our other cats was meowing pitifully at his grave the other day, it pretty much broke my heart. 😦 Oh dear, I hope she's all right now!? One of mine has had a cold for the past few weeks, he's got me a bit worried…

    Me too! It's interesting, definitely different and strange, but I like it. 🙂


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