Flashback Fridy VII

So I just realized I never did my Currently Reading for December post… I’ll try and get that out sometime next week, even though it feels rather pointless since I do similar ramblings in my Friday posts. It’s been crazy busy recently. I’ve gotten very little sleep, staying up late to work on papers (or work, or anime club) and getting up early for classes. There were even a few nights I was unable to chill online like I usually like to because of this, nor will I be able to do that tonight since our internet plan is sucky and doesn’t reset until Sunday. GAH! So tomorrow I will die…but I will get much studying done…but I will die. But! Today I had my very very very last class for the semester. Eeeeeep! And then I realized…

(I also found another image earlier on this week that summed up my life, as of recently, somewhat perfectly, but now I can’t find it/remember it) Happily, one of my finals was canceled so I don’t have to give a yucky presentation for my transfer class anymore. Woot! I just have two finals on Tuesday and one on Thursday, and then I am free! 😀 I still have quite a bit of hw left, though, since I still have one paper to finish, my portfolio to put together, some reading, and three exams to study for. *sighs* I probably won’t get to much fun reading this weekend, but we shall see…

So. I’m still working on Bird, but not recently. I bought some manga (which I will officially list on Sunday), but I’ve read most of it all ready. I read Chi’s Sweet Home 10, Yotsuba! 12, and restarted/finished Black Butler XIV. I’m working on Black Butler XV now, as well as restarted Pandora Hearts 17. That’s about it for now…


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