Flashback Friday II

Well, I didn’t mention this last week, but another one of our cats, Gus, passed away a few days after Christmas. It’s a possibility that they were both poisoned, and it’s just makes me so angry and upset, and very very worried about our other outdoor cat, Oliver. We’re slowly starting to bring him inside, especially with how cold it’s been getting recently…but he’s starting to wander now… =/ And he’s not too happy about the other indoor pets, so we can only bring him for so long before he gets too annoyed. *sighs* Cats…

As far as reading goes, I read some manga volumes. Yay me!

I’m trying to attack my rather teetering manga pile at the moment. I’m also going to try and finish Bird up first as far as novels go, as well as Hearts at Stake, and then I want to try and focus on The Dream Thieves since I have put it off for far too long… I have a little over two weeks left of break and I want to get as much reading done as possible! That’s about it for now…

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