Top Ten Tuesday III

Well, this is just awesome, really, since I missed so many of these prompts so far this year, some of which I really wanted to do. So, here it goes…

February 25: Top Ten Tuesday REWIND! 
(Pick from previous topics that you want to do again or may have missed)

So I picked…

January 28: Top Ten Worlds I’d Never Want To Live In 
Top Ten Characters I’d NEVER Want To Trade Places With
11-13. I mean, it’s not the freaking zombie apocalypse, but…I’d rather not.
9-10. Nope. Nope, nope, nope.
8. I’d probably die of dehydration before anything else…
7. I’d rather not die of the plague, if you don’t mind…
5-6. I’m not a true fan of the Inheritance Cycle, (only read the first two books) but this is one world I’d rather not dwell in.

4. I’ve only read the first, but I know that, definitely, not a wishful vacation spot.
1-3. Much as I’m not a fan of this series, this has to the be top one. I mean, seriously… No one wants to live in these books. No one.


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