Top 5 Wednesday II

March 12th – Top 5 Book Parents (parent/guardian/adult figure)

Count Volger, Leviathan

Butler, Artemis Fowl

Malcom Ravenwood, The Caster Chronicles

Sirius Black, Harry Potter

Molly Weasley, Harry Potter

And as a side note, this is apparently my 100th post. Woot! ;P

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday II

  1. I almost picked Sirius. But had to cut him for Dumbledore. 😦
    And of course the Weasley's made my list too. Who wouldn't pick them?! Pure awesomeness.
    I really liked Malcolm too.
    Great list, Jen! 😀


  2. I didn't even think to include Dumbledore…but then, Sirius was one of my favorite characters, so I had to pick him.
    And the Weasley's! It was such a “duh” choice. xD
    *wuvs Malcom* ;P


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