Monday Mutterings II

November went by much more quickly than anticipated. I was not able to get to everything that I had planned, but I did tackle some things which leaves me with a small sense of accomplishment. I migrated over here from Blogger, which feels like good thing. While I was able to bring over all my older posts, I was a bit disappointed after losing all my stats and followers. Regardless of this, I still like the look and feel of WordPress. I have also been working on organizing the many oddities I had boxed away from the past few years, which is helping me to feel less cluttered. I will be continuing with my job hunt next month, as well as setting up an online portfolio. I’m hoping to get out some more reviews next month, too.

We went to see Doctor Strange earlier on this month, and we also just saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them day before Thanksgiving. Benedict Cumberbatch was perfectly cast in this Marvel role, and I loved the whimsical feel of this film. My little fangirl heart might just explode if Loki and Dr. S end up in one of the next movies together. And Fantastic Beasts was just enchanting. I was definitely not disappointed. I’m still getting chills… I highly recommend going to see it as soon as possible, and then read the book.

Thanksgiving was a nice break from the chaos that is life in general. I got to spend some time with my mom, brother, and grandma for a few days, where we re-watched some Friends Thanksgiving episodes, the end of some corny Hallmark film, and part of the remake of Anne of Green Gables. My granddad was able to come down from the assisted living facility to join the family gathering for turkey dinner, so it was nice to be able to see almost everyone all in one place, where there was a mutual agreement not to bring up religion, politics, or sex.

I’m not entirely sure what next month will bring. We might be gathering for another family Christmas dinner or we might be spending a quiet night at home. We already started the Christmas movie marathon with Rise of the Guardians and Arther Christmas. We also put the tree up and the lights out, but still have some decorating to do. My sister’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve and we usually lie low that day as well, bringing in the new year with a marathon of films, cake, and presents. I’m looking forward to seeing Rogue One and Passengers, and having more time for holiday decorations and Christmas shopping now that I am no longer bogged down with school and the stress of finals. I’m ready for some hot cocoa, twinkling lights, and snow.


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