Top Ten Tuesday XXXII: Top 10 Things That Make Me Want To Read A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly prompt run by the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish.

Pretty cover art

The whole judging a book by its cover thing? Yeah, I do that. Usually I don’t even pick up a book unless it’s got gorgeous cover art. I have a problem…


Similar, yes, but if a book has art inside…damn, I’m hooked.

Favorite authors

If my favorite author has written another book, chances are I won’t even bother with reading the premise. I am also very gullible.

Favorite genres

I don’t usually go for anything contemporary or historical or mystery related, even if it does sound interesting. I’m more of a fantasy/paranormal/steampunk kind of gal. Due to this, I haven’t read quite as many classics as I would have liked by now…

There’s a Movie

If there’s a movie coming out, there’s no better way to get me to read something quick.


I don’t usually take book recommendations, particularly from people that read different kinds of books from me. I used to be more open to the idea, but I’ve learned my lesson by now. That being said, I will take certain people at their word when expressing their love of a book. And if I’m already thinking of reading said book when they give it a big thumbs up, it’s going to move right up there to the top of my TBR pile.

End of Series Hype

I don’t usually hop on the bandwagon when it comes to popular series. I’m usually late to the party more often than not. But nothing seems to get me to breeze through a series faster than when the last book hits the shelves.

Intriguing Synopsis

And if all else fails, plot & characters are important. If the plot is clearly original and attractive to me, I will throw books willy nilly onto my unending list of TBR…


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